Casa Delfino Hotel in Chania has no WiFi in the rooms

Hotel Casa Delfino in Chania, Crete, Greece claims they have WiFi in every room but this is absolutely not true and has not been true for a long time, whatever the carefully managed "positive reviews" on TripAdvisor may say. Negative reviews are removed, redacted, rejected or pushed down into oblivion on behalf of hotels, since TripAdvisor makes their money of them, the hotels, not you, their customer. I was in room 11 as well as room 18, both in different buildings and different floors and neither had a working Internet connection.

Casa Delfino's owner Margarita Markantonaki told me with visible desperation that she had been unable, even with paying a lot of money, to get "internet experts" to provide a functioning WiFi signal in the rooms. The thick walls of the four Venetian buildings the hotel occupies simply block the signal. The solution would be "WifFi over power line" and I explained that to her, but she told me the hotel is solely run by her, she has no assistance from her husband and she does not understand what I mean and whether I could explain it in writing and show her what exactly to purchase. And she is pregnant and the coming years she will be very busy raising her child. "Everyone here in Chania is incompetent", she says. "We spent a fortune trying to get the Internet working and it still does not work".

I was prepared to give detailed guidelines for the workers that would finally install a working system but Mrs. Markantonaki foolishly defrauded me ofe EUR 3300 by not honoring her promise of a refund due to me having to check out prematurely due to terrible noise at night and the absence of WiFi, so of course I will not help her install a working WiFi system in her hotel. I have done my best by explaining it to her on my final night, the night she promised to refund me for the inconveniences and my extra costs. "Do you have what it takes to run a hotel? Can you identify and solve problems, can you give stern directions to employees and ensure they are properly implemented?" I asked her. (Her LinkedIn page states she has a Master of Science (MSc) in Hotel Management). "No I do not" she stated plainly. She is a person who will, when faced with a problem, run away from it.

Text and images (C) Copyright Frank de Groot.